Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day and more Maine

It's Memorial Day. I was reminded a short time ago, that during the Vietnam war, no yellow ribbons or parades or attitudes of appreciative were found. Our soldiers, seamen and airmen were not rewarded with yellow ribbons, a simple gesture but with such meaning for those who serve. Let us take time today to remember all the men and women who have served so bravely during all our wars and during our peacetime.

Yesterday morning we had a full table for breakfast in Kennebunkport at the Waldo Emerson House. Waldo, by the way, was the uncle or Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Ralph would visit in the home on occasion. It was a perfect place to sit and write and be creative. In fact, the whole coast of Maine seems to bring a creative spirit to me and I could just look towards the sea and write and dream.

We made a stop in Freeport at L.L.Bean and I am sure this boot is familiar to many. Makes the Trout look very small. Oh yes, we had to buy a small piece of luggage for some extras we have picked up along the way. Luggage was 50% off outlet prices. And, I did resist buying that quart of maple syrup in Vermont, so the luggage will not be that full!!

We are staying at Smuggler's Cove in Booth Bay, Maine. This place is very nice and has such a great view. We took a boat out into the bay yesterday to do some seal watching. We found quite a few and of course, a lighthouse or two.

And then, last night, we had to go for dinner and decided to eat LOBSTER! Two lobsters and steamed mussels. Going price yesterday on a steamed lobster was $14.95 in case anyone is interested. We have seen signs for $5.95 a pound if you want to prepare it yourself. They were very good with melted butter. We ate outside because we were a total mess by the time we were done. Not a meal for the faint of heart.


  1. I love the mini-tour you're providing for us. It looks like a great time is being had by all :). Have a wonderful day.

  2. Gloria8:38 AM

    You are not only causing me a serious case of "wanderlust," you are making me hungry! See what an awesome blogger you are!

  3. Be still my heart. I love lobster. That is a great price too. Sounds like you are having so much fun. I almost feel like I am traveling to by your description. Except for my lack of lobster. LOL

  4. Please, please, please...let me come with you!!!!

  5. All that yummy food! I feel like I've gained weight since you've been gone!