Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Writing from Montana

It is not difficult to tell you where we have been.  We are still in Montana.  Hot days and cool nights.  Fishing is only so-so this year.  We have been busy though.

Last year we spent just over one month in the travel trailer.  This year, a year older and spending almost three months in the 26 footer, we decided a new mattress was in order.  It really has made a difference and we sleep a lot better.

The antics we went through to bring it to the trailer including borrowing a pickup, heading to Butte, loading up and bringing it back to the trailer, about 140 miles round trip, loading the old mattress on the truck and then dropping it off at a thrift store who wanted it...perhaps to even sell it as a  large dog bed.  Can you imagine!!!!

The Trout has been fishing and the last couple of days joined by a friend, so I was even able to use the car and drive the 80+ miles round trip to the grocery store.  Nothing real convenient, but slow paced is good.

Woke up to lots of smoke this morning.  The car was covered with ashes and burnt pine needles.  Must be from the fire in the Bitteroot Valley to our west.  It just doesn't smell good and people with severe allergies or lung problems are always warned to stay inside.  Such a difference up here in the Northwest compared to what is happening in New Orleans and that area.

Found out Florida just got a lot of rain, which is so much better than the strong winds, hurricane and tornadoes that accompany those storms.  Let all the stormy weather pass before we get home again.

No exact date as to when we are heading back east and south.  Going to visit our daughter in Wisconsin and then our other daughter who lived in Ohio, has moved to Western North Carolina, so we will stop there to see the mountains where she is living.  We do want to get home early enough so that we can settle better heading to France in mid October.  No roots grow under our feet.  Each birthday tells us that we need to get our traveling in before it becomes more difficult for us.  Besides, we are still enjoying Europe so very much.

My Kindle has been smoking since I downloaded 35 books before coming out here.  Getting a lot of reading done and we do have satellite TV which has been great as we did enjoy watching the Olympics.  It is getting much darker earlier at night and we really have noticed the change in weather.

Lots of people have been asking how we are, so thought I would just send off a short posting.  I still check a lot of blogs when the Internet is cooperating.  Just not as slick as cable out here.

Hope to be back to regular blogging after the middle of November.  Maybe then we can grow a few roots.