Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last day in Maine

Spent the day touring. Acadia National Park is a beautiful hiking park with a gorgeous setting. We first drove up to Cadillac Mountain. Cadillac Mountain is the only mountaintop in the park accessible by car and it is also the highest peak. During much of the year, it is also the first place on US soil touched by rays of sunrise. To me, that is exciting and I can only wish to be there so early in the morning, but unfortunately, the park does not open that early. It is at 1528 feet and the highest peak on the Atlantic between Canada and Brazil.

We also stopped at Mount Desert Oceanarium and learned more about lobsters and sea creatures than I ever knew existed. These people have a wealth of knowledge that they share and there was a lot of lobster, sea urchin and sea cucumber touching going on. I would definitely recommend this place, especially good for school children to learn about sea life.

I also promised that I would take a picture of the next plate of oysters on the half shell, but, darn, we got so excited about it that I didn't think of the picture until they were gone, so, here is what is left.

Okay, now this is it! We had to have lobster one last time. This was a little longer drive to a lobster shack right on the bay. They certainly aren't fancy, but they offer the best and freshest lobsters around.

This was by far, the best lobster we have had this week. If you are keeping count, this was our third night in a row for steamed lobster. In talking to the workers there, we find out they steam in those metal boxes outside the shack with water pulled right out of the sea. This flavors the lobster giving it the perfect saltiness. We would definitely recommend Thurston's Lobster Pound south of Bar Harbor, Maine, in Tremont.


  1. angie4:02 AM

    They look gorgeous. That little cup of butter would not be enough though. Beautiful pictures makes me want to plan a summer vacation. Looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow.


  2. Don't you just love New England?