Monday, May 25, 2009

Bar Harbor

We did some more clam chowder testing and blueberry pie testing on our drive to Bar Harbor (Bah Hah bah) Maine. Both were excellent. I then told the cashier that we had been judges for the Crisco Great American Pie Contest last month, so we were judging blueberry pies in Maine. You could see, she seemed nervous. Then slowly asked if we thought the pie was alright. I hated to tease her like that, but we had fun and the pie really was very good.

Walked this beautiful little town of Bar Harbor and stopped for oysters on the half shell. We were so anxious to dive into them, I forgot to take pictures. They were very good with a locally brewed beer. Next time, I hope there will be a next time, I'll get a picture.

Today is May 26, and it is the birthday of our youngest daughter, Angie. Angie, bless her heart, is a paraprofessional working with special needs children in the school district. She works very hard but has such a heart for these special kids. She has given us a son-in-law, two grandsons and she is also a stepmother to a son. She is also taking care of our special kid, the Bichon, while we are on this trip. We thank you a lot, Angie, and hope that you have a very special day today.

Surprisingly, this is the first time we have come across accents on our travels. I expected to hear something in Vermont, New Hampshire, and all of Maine, but it wasn't until we got this far north that you can hear a little something in the accent. I just love it!!

Last night we had went to dinner way south of Bar Harbor and we decided to have LOBSTAH!! No surprise there! We also had a pound of clam steamers which was very good. Just have to fill up on this delicacy because it will be a very long time until we eat this again. Unless you count tomorrow. Maybe one more time before we start heading home and then one month of only salads and veggies before we start heading west to Montana.

I promised myself that I would not tell you that we had to test another blueberry pie this evening. smile, smile, snicker. Now you know why we face a month of salads, but it is so worth it.


  1. I had peach over the weekend - YUM!

  2. Susan, you surprise me. I thought you were a law abider. That poor woman. Actually, I though it was pretty funny :-).

  3. Hi Susan - Oh, what I wouldn't give for a Maine lobster. We have great seafood here, but lobster is very special.

  4. Gloria5:51 PM

    My grandmother always said, "It is a blessing to be able to eat." I definitely agree with that. Enjoy!