Friday, May 29, 2009

And all the crazies

Well, we are back in Ohio with daughter and family and I am reflecting on the past 10 days or so. I call it the "crazies". Whenever I go into crowds, such as airports, I am fascinated by all that goes on. How I wish I was bold enough to take pictures in airports. This trip would have produced some dandies.

There was the row of 4 wheelchairs with little old ladies in every kind of dress and hat (one had a baseball cap on with a sideways tilted brim) as they were waiting in a row to be wheeled onto the airplane. The wheelchairs had a long flag stick attached to them to make sure that everyone could see them. There they sat when the Trout says to me "the Indy 500 waiting to race." That's a crazy! And then later, as we sat in the airport, we saw an elderly couple. I nodded to the Trout to take a look to his left. There sat a man with his pant legs raised enough to see black and white horizontal striped socks that were in black rubber wedgies. He had a striped shirt and all that was missing was a hat. The Trout says, much too loudly for me, "The Cat in the Hat." Another crazy.

We few Southwest Airlines for the first time, and all the flight attendants had very funny senses of humor. One elderly lady passenger had a piece of overhead luggage that she asked the flight attendant to pull down for her. She asked for the green bag. The flight attendant said there was no green bag, only a gray one, which turned out to be the correct one. Then the flight attendant said, "now we will work on colors and numbers."

For my travel, I have a nylon tear-dropped shaped shoulder purse that holds a lot. It is in pretty bad shape this trip. I have to admit, it is butter and lobster stained from all our eating escapades. Will need a thorough laundry workout when we get home.

Thirty some years ago, I developed an aspirin allergy after the birth of our last child. Also at this time, I became very sensitive to wintergreen. It is very bothersome to me that toothpaste, gum and mints, do not come right out and put wintergreen on the labels. I have thrown out a lot of this after purchase. Wintergreen gives me a severe migraine headache. I have had to move in church because of the smell and I smelled it on the airplane for a few seconds, but it was someone passing by, not sitting near me. Such nonsense--more crazies.

The trip was great, and we would definitely go back to Manchester, Vermont, and the Bar Harbor, Maine area. Friendly folks all over and of course, the lobster and chowder and blueberry pies were great.


  1. The hubby flew on Southwest twice a week for 2 or 3 years. It got to the point where the airport employees knew him by name...and all about his family. He'd get on the plane, have a seat, and be handed his OJ before any other passenger came on board!

    They have some wonderful "speils". I'll have to see if I can embed a video in a post.

    I am one of those Little Old Ladies in the Wheelchairs with the giant pole - every time I fly. I have a vestibular disturbance, that causes serious vertigo from movement in my peripheral vision. Airports and Grocery/Department Stores drive me crazy.

  2. what about the lady ahead of us on one flight who was very afraid of flying?? her seat mate suggested hyponosis etc.

    I told her olives help me alot - "Oh really" she said with great interst!! Yes I told her I dipped them in martini before the flight - she chuckled loudly so atleast she felt better I think for the moment - has to be tough to travel with such fears!! Trout

  3. Libby, I sympathize with your condition. Last summer I flew with a newly broken ankle and was in a wheelchair at the airport. I had a reality check when I found out how helpless you are and not too many are willing to give a hand. I look at handicapped people in a new light, believe me.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful and memorable trip. Crazies and all.