Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another good and beautiful day

Last evening at dinner, we met a young man who was hiking the Appalacian trail. He needed a day or two off, so he came into town for a nice dinner. He is doing half of the trail, 1000 miles. It is a much easier task now with cell phones than in the past. Anyone want to try this nice, long walk?

Today we headed east toward Woodstock, Vermont. This is not the August, 1969, Woodstock, NY. This is a lovely town with cute shops and these beautiful homes in the saltbox style, clapboard siding, and very, very large. Some are of brick with black shutters or the white clapboard. Very pretty. And of course, another cute covered bridge. This is a privately owned one going to a farm house.

Isn't this church magnificent? This is the First Universalist Church and Society. The building is dated 1844 and it is located in Barnard, Vermont. It is so well cared for, you would never imagine it to be 165 years old.

We had a lovely dinner this evening at "The Prince and the Pauper." I had black and white sesame crusted salmon and the Trout had lobster and crab cakes. Just enough with a beautiful pate' we shared as an appetizer. This was served with pickled red onions, cornichons, grainy mustard and lingonberries. Very, very perfect.

Tomorrow is my day to go exploring after I drop the Trout off to go fly fishing with his guide. By the way, we hit it pretty good this morning at the Orvis tent sale. I know they were just waiting for us to show up.


  1. Susan, it's important that we all do our share to spend our way out of this recession :). A grateful nation thanks you.

  2. Have to laugh, Mary. Actually, we got about 70% off everything including a new FLYROD for the Trout!!

  3. I'm jealous of the crabcakes. I bet they were good. Enjoy your day exploring. E

  4. That dinner sounds yummy. I would love some crabcakes about now!

  5. What great pictures and your meals sounded wonderful.

  6. Gosh - the scenery has been so beautiful, and the food has sounded soooo good. I wish that I was with you!

    My verification word today is:

    Kersess, I'm stuck here doing nothing, and you're traveling to wonderful places;-)