Friday, February 5, 2010

Prairie Home Companion

Last night the Trout and I went to our local movie theater to see a live performance of Prairie Home Companion starring Garrison Keillor. Our connection to Garrison and Prairie Home goes back to 1981 when we were living in Wisconsin.

A new friend told us about his habit of listening to Prairie Home Companion on Public Radio every Saturday night for 2 hours. We turned the radio on one Saturday night while we were preparing dinner and we were hooked. That makes this our 29th year of listening to this storyteller.

In the early years, we used to drive to St. Paul which was only about an hour or so from our home, and would watch him live when he used to broadcast in a St. Paul park and then later in a theater in St. Paul. Even our daughters tolerated our Saturday nights with the radio on.

Garrison is a brilliant storyteller. His stories take place in Lake Wobegon in Minnesota. He has characters that live in this make-believe town that come from a Norwegian background. He talks about the Norwegian bachelor farmers and the Trout can so relate to this. He had these same Norwegian bachelor uncles and they had the same habits. We have laughed ourselves to tears and cried along with his tales.

Last night, in the movie theater, we were not surprised at the age of the patrons. They all knew this man with his wonderful sense of humor and I am sure they also have been following him for years. Elvis Costello was a guest last night and his song writing, singing and performance was top notch.

Several years ago Garrison made a movie of the Prairie Home Companion starring Meryl Streep and Kevin Klein. Of course, we saw that also. We had a very enjoyable evening and I hope some of you are Prairie Home Companion enthusiasts also.


  1. So you listen to NPR also!!! I like it, but Paul doesn't care about it.

    ~ Susan

  2. Enjoyable evenings .. what a treasure.

  3. I am so a Prairie Home Companion fan! I listen to his podcasts from BBC Radio 4 and even though they are shortened half-hour versions I always feel I am in Minnesota or Wisconsin or wherever Lake Wobegon out on the edge of the prairie is! I read his books too, and I love his voice and the funny way he describes the characters and the places - the sidetrack tap and the chatterbox cafe are real to me! I usually listen to the podcasts on my ipod when I'm walking the dog round town at night for an hour or so. So lucky to have seen him! I would go see him if he came again to Ireland - he was here some months back. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Catherine, how wonderful that you enjoy Prairie Home Companion in Ireland. Would you believe I have neighbors here in the USA who have never heard of him? Thanks for visiting me today.

  5. Sound like a wonderful evening; isn't great to get a chance to attend something you enjoy. I have never heard of Prairie Home Companion but just the name tells me i would love it.

  6. there is an encore performance on Feb 9th at a theatre near you!! $22 a ticket but well worth it!! You will see and hear a story teller like no other in our lifetime!!


  7. How fun Susan. I love a good storyteller. It's quite an art.

  8. Now, I know what Garrison looks like!!!!! I am not a loyal listener but, I have tuned into his radio program numerous times over the years and have always enjoyed it.

    Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

  9. I am glad to see you were able to attend. Now if our concert had Elvis Costello I would have loved that.

  10. We used to spend out Saturday nights listening to A Praire Home Companion too. I still listen on the radio on an occasionaly Sunday.

  11. He is a riot isn't he!!! What a sweet treat to go see him live. I listen off and on, and when I'm at the library I cart anything they have of his home. It is so fun how he captures so many of the characters I grew up with.