Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our French businesses

Just thought I'd share some pictures of the 'shops' we 'own' in France. Aren't these delightful? They are two of my favorite things, gifts from The Trout!!

The artist is Marilyn Bast Dunlap.


  1. Love it Susan, that Trout he's so sweet!


  2. What fun, Susan. They are delightful and are one of those gifts that keeps on giving.

  3. Hello Susan,

    I popped in to say thank you for your kind comments and found myself happily reading your posts when i should have been saying "hello"! I am definitely going to try the Salmon Burgers with Cilantro Mayo! Your "shops" pictures rang a bell - I have a little one of a Fromage shop in St Emilion that I tell myself I am going to retire to one day.

    Thanks for linking to me on your Blog Roll - I am adding you to ours in the morning!


  4. Susan, those are marvelous! If I lived closed to both of those shops, I'd be a daily customer...

  5. George, surely you know I jest!!! (wink, wink)

  6. I love these rendetings Susan. How fun us that!!! I want to own a bakery:D

  7. Those are so cool, and how sweet of him to capture your passions. Love, love the chocolate shoppe. Every time I come to your blog I get hungry! I'm temped to pull a Julie and Julia and cook all your good recipes.

  8. Love your shops! Aren't the shops in France just wonderful?

  9. Dear Susan,
    I am glad that you found me - I can now visit your blog.
    Oh I love these pictures - they are beautiful --
    I wish you a pleasant evening --
    many greetings - Ruth