Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a new day!

This is probably my favorite flower, a camellia, right up there with a rose and violets.

Another camellia kissed by the rain.

A cap nap for our neighbor.

Just walking the neighborhood an playing with a new camera. This will be fun.


  1. Susan, I can't wait to see what creative things you see through your new camera lens. Your first are a great start.

    Like you, I love a camellia, both the pink & white. You know, it is the state flower of Alabama and a much loved flower here in the south ~ mainly because they add color during the winter from November to March.

  2. Beautiful photos! Makes me very anxious to see them blooming.

  3. How pretty, do they smell good? How fun a new camera...the stuff dreams are made of:) It was 6* this morning...only blooming going on around here is indoor plants and some of them aren't to sure they want to brave the cold.

  4. Anonymous10:37 AM

    that photog of the flower was such i could almost smell it :)... except we wont see anything like that here for months at best!!!

    enjoy the camera

  5. Carry on :-). The photo of the camellia with rain drops on its petals is really lovely.

  6. What kind of camera did you get? Great shots. Have fun with your new toy I am sure we will see more great photos.

  7. How exciting! A new camera. And you did a great job with these photos, too. Very clear and great color!
    My favorite flowers are lilies of the valley. Just love them.

  8. Hi Susan,
    I have a Camellia too - just the same colour - it is quite sensitive - does not like frost - it always loses again buds - yet she has such wonderful flowers --
    greetings - Ruth

  9. the camellias are beautiful. I got a new camera just before the holidays and have loved playing with it! I know how much fun you are having.

    If I ever learn all of the settings...I will be lucky!

  10. Our camellias are just beginning to bloom. We have a hedge on both sides of our property and there are about 30 different camellias. It's good I like them.