Thursday, July 30, 2009


We heard about a possible rental on the way to Rock Creek that intrigued me so I went to check it out yesterday. Lovely setting and near the creek but a bit small and no cable TV so I guess we will pass on it. Montanans do have a sense of humor!!

Being close to the famous Rock Creek, I decided to have a look and maybe waggle the fly rod for an hour or two if conditions were right i.e. no other strokes hogging the stream!! This river is known for its big Stonefly hatch in June. These bugs climb out of the water on to rocks, etc and split out of their shells and fly off to dry and to get ready to make love and lay some eggs back into the stream for later hatches. Kind of cool!
Years ago my fishing buddy, B. "the fish hog" Cyr and I started up from a bridge to do some fishing. The river split and I decided to take the little left channel and leave the big water to B. To my delight, I found a few pot holes that held some dandy trout like the one below. This year there was less holding water as I think Mr. Beaver had gone upstream and done some of his handy work to divert some water for his use.
I was asleep at the switch on 2-3 dandy browns before to hook up with them but awake long to enough to see Mr. Big 18" Brown come out of the darker green water under the branches to suck up my enticing "Humpy" fly that resembles a grasshopper I guess. We had a lovely tussle for a few minutes before landing him, retrieving the fly and resuscitating him for the release back to his lair to strike again someday.
So ends another great day stalking the wily trout and enjoying beautiful Montana!!


  1. OH BOY! does Big Son and I wish we were fishin!!! LOVE the cabin... *snort* we havent went for a few days. Being so dry the creeks are getting low and nothing is biting... then it rained so - they arent biting!!! Hope you guys are having a great time! Sure miss you both!!!

  2. The family has two writers, at least one of whom is having a terrific time :-). I hope you two continue to have a great time.

  3. ok did you eat this one? What's wrong with no TV? Try it!

  4. Karen - no the big boy as does all others I catch (well maybe I keep 10 or so a year out of 900 caught in '08) was revived and released

    as far as no tv we are doing so now - last year we had 2 channels and hopefully we can do so again this year - radio and net does well-TROUT

  5. In sunny weather you could have a very romantic night there :-)

  6. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Dale, you are not only a good writer but you are also an artist. You know how to compose a picture which is not only pleasing to the eye but which tells a story. rw

  7. I'm laughing because we pass by that old cabin all the time down to "Rock Creek" to see our good friends that own & run the "Big Horn B&B" right on the river. In fact, Susan you guys drove right by our development going to Rock Creek. Not sure if you noticed, but on the right hand side, after you pass the "Marshall Ranch" there is a development called, "Black Pine Meadows". Our house is the one you can see from the hwy way up on the hill. The house is in the process of exterior painting right now, and our RV is setting in the driveway. LOL, if you drive by again, please stop by!

    So fun to see your photo's of familar places!