Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Not the City

This has been a most unusual summer for Montana. Usually by this time, we have so much dry weather, that grilling is outlawed and the smell of forest fires is prevalent. But, because trout streams are in some of the most beautiful areas of the world, it is necessary to drive through uncommon roads to get where the trout are. As you can see by our car, this is not city driving.

But, this is beautiful Montana, and I have the best viewpoint of all. The mountains, the lake, a bottle of wine, my books and notepads for quick thoughts, and my knitting. This is called relaxing in a big way.


  1. spectacular! Are you not going to ever show us the lovely trout dinner that I am salivating for?

  2. Sorry Karen, we rarely eat trout in Montana. The gift we have been given, is to catch a trout on a fly line, release it and send it back into the water to be caught again. That is the sport of flyfishing. We actually prefer to eat salmon, halibut or tuna on the grill.

  3. OH - If I were any more jealous I would turn GREEN!!! :) LOL hope you are having a great time. Cant WAIT to see you this fall if you are able to stop by! Hug the Trout, I mean - hug your Trout for all of us!