Sunday, July 12, 2009

We have such great new friends!

All right! I am doing the unimaginable! Schnitzel and Trout met the MilkMan's wife and the MilkMan today and everything clicked perfectly. What wonderful people and we met lots of the family also. The boys are are such handsome young men. Beautiful children! I got a cute picture of The Trout holding Milk Dud. This little child is just oozing love. They treated us like the best of family and we had so much in common with the Norwegian and German ancestry. We talked and laughed like we were friends and family forever. We got to see the dairy farm where a newborn calf had just been born today.

These are dear, very hard working people who live life to the fullest. And for an ending to this beautiful story...hold on to your hats...a picture of the MilkMan's wife on the left and Schnitzel on the right. This is when blogger friends meet for the first time and connect because they have so much in common. We already miss you Heidi and MilkMan, and really hope to see you again in the fall. And Big Son, I do promise to show you pictures of the trout that The Trout catches in Montana. Take care, dear friends. We have had a wonderful afternoon with you, our new friends.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time and made some lifetime friends. Wonderful!!

  2. Wonderful pictures, it sounds like you had a great time.

  3. I could not have had more fun if I would have paid you to come! LOL The MilkMan was SO happy to be able to visit with you guys! and Big Son cant wait for pictures of those fish - he asked me about it last night before bed. I TOTALLY regret that picture!! UGGGG LOL ok,not really - but I am not the leggy blonde you thought am I...LOL I do regret you not being able to stay longer, but I knew how much you wanted to see your other friends too - but I am selfish and wanted you to both stay right there with us!! WE didnt get a picture of you and Milk Dud though! dang it! Hope to hear all about Montana! LOVE TO YOU BOTH!!!

  4. I read about you at the Milkman's wife blog, Heidi's, and came here and now I will be following your interesting blog. You travel all around and that is what we would like to do when we retire, well when the hubby retires that is. Nice to meet you!!

    Nancy Straka

  5. yeah, glad you had a good time. They seem like such a great family. How did you resist not taking milk dud with you.

    safe travels tomorrow to Montana.

    love ya,


  6. Wonderful! So sad that I couldn't join you. And you are unbelievable Susan, because you've done what no one else has been able to do...... get a photo of Heidi. I'm also spying that big hosta behind you.

    Glad you had a good time. Trout is so cute, a very happy looking person. And what can we say about Milk Dud? Cute!!

    - Suzanne

  7. Oh yes, Suzanne..about that photo of Heidi and me. I asked permission and she gave in after much threatening. Isn't she just the cutest? Missed you so much. Next time!!

  8. oh lawd I am just green around the glls here with ENVY!!!! smacks self, grins, cries, carries on, just about a full blown conniption. You got to HOLD the MILK DUD!!!! now that is some serious baby sugar. no mention of LIPSY? He's my little friend. Tell me now how was it meeting that little tiger?


  9. Lispy was in top behavior mode and even shook our hands like a little gentleman. He did strip down to the skiveys and was running through the sprinkler. Let those undershorts on the whole

  10. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Heidi is such a hoot. I love her blog postings. She looks just as lively as her posts would indicate. She is a real cutie. Little Milk Dud is precious I am sure.

    The internet age is so amazing, isn't it? You have made so many friends through your blog--even if you have never met them in person. I think it is wonderful that you finally met Heidi and the Milkman in person.

    I know you are looking forward to a wonderful summer in Montana. I am not a fisherman but I know The Trout will have a ball. When I was a young child I used to pretend that I was fishing on one of our farm ponds even though there were no fish there. I think I must have been a bit retarded. (uffda)

  11. I came your way via Heidi's blog too :) She's great! and so is your blog! I will be a new follower now too! I loved your pic of milkdud. That boys eyes!! SO pretty! I would love to get to travel that way to take some pictures of him.

    and your grandchildren? *adorable*

    Have a great week!