Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Did You Know?

Living in Florida, at sea level most of the year, and then spending the summers in Montana at 7000 feet, you need to make adjustments.

I love getting out of bed in Montana, even though the cabin will be very cold, and smelling the fresh air. Sage brush, chamomile, blue sky, warming pine needles; they all emit wonderful smells.

This morning when I got up with the dog, the temperature in Big Sky was 38 degrees. By this afternoon, it will have gone up 50 degrees. That is pretty typical of the mountains out here. You can only imagine the wardrobe changes going on.

The water that comes out of the tap is so cold, your fingers hurt. So very different from Florida where the water never does seem to get cold enough.

Did you know that at this altitude, it can snow in June or August? Last year we had 6 inches of snow on August 31. I slipped on a frosty step on August 20 and broke my ankle last year. Are we prepared this year? We better be.

Did you know, that because of the high altitude, potato chip bags are totally inflated like little pillows? That yogurt cups psst...when you remove the tinfoil lid, and spit out their contents? That there is major puffing going on, going up and down the stairs at a high altitude. Perhaps others adjust more quickly than I do, but I feel the changes a long time. The doctors say it takes 2 weeks for blood pressure to adjust to the high altitude changes. We now carry a blood pressure monitor with us. Easier than going into the ER.

Did you know, that your skin out here is very dry and that lip balm is a must because your lips start hurting. The sun is high and hot and can burn you quickly.

The greatest part of being in Montana for the summer is: the hurricanes in Florida can roll all they want, it can get as hot as it wants, and the humidity can be outrageous. We are cool and sometimes cold and enjoying the fresh, clean air, and know when we get back home, we will have a great warm winter ahead of us. I have to remember not to complain or be ungrateful. We really live in the best of two worlds. Retirement is what we worked for and we are enjoying it.


  1. Gloria10:42 AM

    Glad you arrived in MT safe and sound. You are so right--we always need to remember to be grateful. Continue to enjoy each day, dear friend.

  2. I have a wonderful family friend that lives with her family in Montana. Her oldest daughter just got married this past weekend.

    Montana is breathtaking country!

    I know what you mean about the huffing and puffing in high altitudes. I went on a field trip with my daughter to Mt. St. Helens a couple of years ago and it was just this way climbing the trail to the lookout.

    Hope you have a terrific time!

  3. what a wonderful world it can be.
    awesome are you ataying in a rustic cabin?

  4. Gloria and ungourmet...thanks for visiting and commenting. I will keep puffing and huffing here in good health!!

  5. Karen Deborah..not that rustic. Have stayed in them before, but we have two bedrooms and two BATHS. That is important to me because I am spoiled and I don't mind being spoiled. You get the picture.

  6. Montana has got to have the bluest sky I have ever seen. My brother lives at 7000 feet also, and when we go visit him it takes Ole and I a good month to adjust. We live at 900 feet, so there's quite a difference. Big brother has a friend who belongs to a high altitude rescue club. He told me once when we were visiting that if you start drinking a lot of water about two weeks prior to arriving at the higher elevation your adjustment will be much easier and faster. I tried it last time - thought I was going to float away - but it certainly helped. Have a wonderful time in Montana. Where are you at, anyway?

  7. I am sure we all envy you the cool air. Seems like the whole country is having a heat wave right now. I would love to see some pictures when you get a chance.

  8. Beautiful pictures your world is to be enjoy :)

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    Have a great Day~

  9. Would you please send some of that cold weather back here. It is absolutely miserable outside, even the dogs don't want to go out in it! And don't get me started on the skeeters! Enjoy yourselves!

  10. You are so right on with all of this. Of course it's taken us a few years to learn it all. We are at 6500 feet right outside P-Burg.

    Didn't know about the water trick though, read that from one of your readers.. I'm trying that this time! Thanks Lena!!!

    Good information Susan, thanx!!!

  11. Montana sounds like heaven compared to summers in Florida. We were in Florida a couple of weeks ago and the weather forecaster said the same thing each day, "Temperature will be 92 today but feel like 100." We said to ourselves, "we must be fools to be in Florida when we could be at home in the mountains." So we hurried home and it's been heaven sleeping with the windows open each night.

    After Florida it must be an adjustment for the very dry conditions there. When we were in Montana and Idaho a couple of years ago my skin felt like an old prune.

    Enjoy your summer. I know first hand from living in the Bahamas how nice it is to be away from having to keep one eye on the weather channel, always watching out for hurricanes.