Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flathead Cherries

The cherries are ripe! We are vacationing in the prime location for getting ripe off the tree Flathead Cherries. They grow up in the Flathead region of Northwestern Montana. The season is short, as for all cherries, but we always seem to be here at the right time.

These were bought by our 87-year-old friend, Louie, when he went to town yesterday, so not sure of the price per pound. They were bought on the street and he had a large brown paper bag that had $5 on it. Had to be close to 3 pounds, I'm sure.

Several thousand pounds of these cherries are harvested and shipped all over the world. I have yet to see them anywhere but Montana. They are indescribably sweet, and would liken them to the Bing cherry most are used to.


  1. Are the huckleberries ripe yet? I discovered those on our last trip to that area. There's nothing like a big scoop of huckleberry ice cream or syrup on your pancakes!

  2. Have not seen the huckleberries yet, but they are out there. Huckleberry ice cream or pie....oh yummmm

  3. I've never heard of this variety of cherry. Looks delicious though. Tip for the day: don't eat too many at one sitting.

  4. I live in Wyoming and had a chance to get some last weekend from people whe made the long drive twice in a weekend. They are wonderful!