Monday, February 9, 2009

A Writer?

I received an e-mail this week from a cousin. I always considered her a cousin even though we are distantly related. Her grandmother and my grandmother were sisters, so that makes us cousins, right? She has been reading my blog from Canada, where she lives, and tells me she is enjoying getting to know me again. Many years have separated us.

But, she really blew my socks off when she called me a "writer". A writer? Not me. I just put words on a computer. Besides, I have always thought that a writer was published, at least somewhere. Then, with more thought, I guess I am published, even though I am doing my own publishing and I am being critiqued, if only by myself.

In high school, I always dreamed of being a writer and publishing a book. Being editor of our high school yearbook was the closest I ever came to putting a book together and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was the most amazing learning experience. The deadlines! How well I remember the deadlines. That you Mr. W for being there to guide us all on a total revamp of the previous yearbooks. Talk about CHANGE! We really threw a surprise into the system. But, it was good. Even now, on occasion, I will get out the '63 Bugle and remember the experience as if it was yesterday.

So, perhaps, without even realizing it, this outlet of blogging has fulfilled that teenage dream. I don't need to be concerned about sales of the book, not making the NY Times Book List, and having my book being praised or blown away by critics. I do look forward to seeing comments at the end of each blog. It is confirmation, reassurance and it is sort of like "selling my book."


  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Susan, you were a wonderful editor for that yearbook--perfect for the 'shake-up job' that we did. You had a good supporting cast of hard working classmates to help pull it all together too. Fortunately, I was able to locate a replacement copy on ebay for my book that was stolen from storage several years ago. rw

  2. Susan Sevig4:25 PM

    RW-my question is...who would want to steal it? ha ha just kidding. It is "priceless" and I am glad you were able to replace it. In fact, I really should apologize for the last page. I was coerced into it, but still glad we did it...Schitzel

  3. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Other than that awful photo of me on the last page I really appreciated the complimentary comments that were made on that page. I have to admit that the 'change' would not have been made without a lot of pushing and shoving on my part but it also could not have happened without your leadership and the support of a good staff. That book is priceless to me too and I was heart-broken when it was stolen (along with almost everything else I owned that was in storage at that time). I was happy to locate it for sale on ebay. I paid much more for it than what we charged for it originally. I would have paid more than I did, though, to find a replacement.

    Your comments about not being willing to ask for help and to be self-sufficient certainly struck a cord with me. I grew up in a Norwegian community in Iowa and that is exactly what we were taught too. rw

  4. Hi Susan, thanks for your visit today. How nice is it that your blogging has connected you to your distant cousin...

    Thanks for the update on P-Burg...I hadn't heard that about the Cafe' moving across the street. I know the owners of the building they were in, hmmm wonder why they are relocating?

  5. I guess blogging makes all of us writers. I certainly do enjoy doing it.