Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mr. Lincoln

Today is Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln!!

Back in 1962, our entire high school (grades 9-12) climbed into two (2) school buses and drove from eastern Iowa to Springfield, Illinois. It was an annual trip that the school always planned for the students. Can you imagine today, taking the whole high school on a trip? I will admit at this time, the population of the school was 88. Amazing, isn't it?
I managed to take a picture out of our yearbook, The Bugle, that shows the front of the Lincoln home and one of our students who was very, very tall at the time, standing in front of a poster of Lincoln.
These are special memories of high school and each and every graduate remembers and cherishes them. I never fail to think of this page in the yearbook and our trip to Springfield on Lincoln's birthday.


  1. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Susan, you remember, I am sure that the student council planned those trips. You were on the council when you were a freshman, as I recall. We spent a lot of time debating where we would go that was not a repeat trip of one taken any time in the previous four years. Those trips were always special and I remember them very well too. Small schools had some positive features in that all students participated in important ways and felt involved.

    Fortunately, larger schools provide for a much more diverse curriculum and educational advantages. A lot of the advantages of the small school were lost though. I would still choose the advantages resulting from the consolidation of schools that happened in Iowa a few decades ago.

    The movie "The Final Season" portrays vividly how a small Iowa town felt abandoned when it was forced to join with other schools to form a larger school district. We, of course, relate to that movie since we are so familiar with the people involved in that story. rw

  2. Absolutely correct. I am so proud to own the DVD "The Final Season." The movie so portrayed the problem that small schools have had with breaking up. I am very proud to know the story the movie portrays and The Trout pitched at many baseball games on that exact diamond. It is a meaningful memory to both of us.