Sunday, February 15, 2009

The end of the story

I did something unexpected this weekend. I spent it reading, reading and reading. On Saturday, I stopped in our library here in our retirement community and found three black notebooks on a table with a sheet of paper and pen next to them.

A man who lives in our community has written his 5th novel and with this last one which is still is draft form, he is asking the residents who live here to read it and add the epilogue. If he chooses it, you can receive credit in his book.

So, I quickly raced through the draft making notes, proofreading (as a former medical transcriptionist, this comes normally) and have just finished the reading. This is a murder mystery taking place in Canada with Detroit connections. I am mulling things in my head that I would like to change, etc., but I do not have a definite ending yet. I think it will come, though. I felt there were loose threads during the story that needed tying up. So, will just have to keep thinking about this one. This has been fun.

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