Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's blooming

Every February, without exception, my one remaining orchid blooms. I do not have a green thumb, that I admit, but I do love flowers and plants. But since we are away from home during the summer, I also know that I should not get too involved in possessing many plants. There is only so much you can ask a dear neighbor to do for you. It's that 'asking' thing again!!

I got this orchid in 2000 and it has traveled with us through several moves. I will admit, the two years we lived in Wisconsin, it did not do well. It was almost to the point of wondering whether I should toss it. I did toss two others I had at that time.

Last summer while we were gone, I tied the whole orchid pot to the branches of our magnolia tree. I was surprised how well it looked when we got back in October. In November, when it started getting cooler at night, I brought the orchid in the house and this is what it looks like today. Normally there are 5-6 blooms, but only 4 this time. They will bloom like this until about August.

Someday, when we don't travel as much anymore, I hope to have many, many more orchids because I just love how perfect and fragile the blossoms are.


  1. Gloria10:29 AM

    Beautiful orchid. I also have one orchid blooming and another about to bloom. When the second one blooms, I will get a photo and put it on Facebook so you can see it :-)

  2. Gloria, thanks for commenting. You have such beautiful windows for your orchids. Do you put them outside in the summer?