Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our little wagon

I never dreamed that a golf cart would be one of our modes of transportation. It was just too odd to even imagine us as 'older' people tooling around in this little wagon.
Our Bichon, Kippy, has always cringed at getting into the car. Usually it means going to the Vet, to the groomer, or a 3000 mile trip to Montana. No joy riding for her. But, the golf cart is a different kind of ride. She actually sits in the Trout's lap with her front paws on the wheel and ears blowing in the wind as we travel through our little village.
Remember the song "Surrey With the Fringe on Top"? "Isinglass curtains you can roll right down, in case there's a change in the weather." Well, we have these isinglass curtains. Three sides fold down and zip together at the corners to keep out wind and rain. How convenient. The cart is mainly used on the golf course, but we also go to visit neighbors in the cart when we don't want to walk. It's fun and the grandsons have found they feel kind of important if they can get behind the wheel.


  1. Dave K.7:21 AM

    Susan, I love your "little wagon"! That is next on our list! They are so practical for running around the "compound" to visit neighbors, the clubhouse, the fitness center, etc. Next time we want to see a picture of you behind the wheel!

  2. Great photo of Trout!!! Looks like the life to me!

    Happy Saturday Susan---

  3. LOL I love it!! We had a gator that we used to tool around in before it burnt up in our shed fire.... dang it... it is fun just to go for a joy ride - you two can go 'parking' *snicker* in the back yard if you want to with the curtains on!!! LOL

  4. Heidi, too funny picturing my mom and dad "parking" in the golf cart. Noah and Josiah love to drive the cart. Not sure your security guards would be so excited but i actually think they do a better job than me.