Thursday, February 19, 2009

The computer is in charge

It seems that most of the blogger world has been having troubles these last two days, but I will take a chance and see if things are looking up. I believe the downloading of photos or videos seems to be the biggest problem right now.

So, eliminating the photos, I still have the computer on my mind and how much I use it. In just the last two weeks, I have researched subjects such as overuse of the semicolon, (remember, I was proofing a new novel); what a tilapia looks like (we have fish in our ponds and some are supposed to be tilapia and I wanted to be sure I knew which ones); alpen glow, (a blog I read about Montana had several pictures of alpen glow and I really didn't know what it was); and buttonholes. This deserves more explanation. I have read in several difference places in the last month the reasoning behind buttonholes. Why are men's buttonholes on the left and women's on the right? Unless you are a seamstress, you might not have paid much attention to this phenomenon. There are a couple of theories, but no one knows for sure. My question is "why doesn't anyone know?"

It seems that when buttonholes and button first came to be, the buttonholes were always on the left. But, women had servants to dress them, so the women had the buttonholes on the right. I find it hard to believe, no matter what the era was, that all women had servants to dress them. I might have been born many generations too late!!

The other theory is that there was a necessity to make women's clothes different from men's. Thinking back to "those days", I find the clothes were extremely different. The big bustles on the back of the dresses would have been a big giveaway. So, this questioning is not resolved, but I am now a little more capable of eating tilapia since it is not the bottom eater fish I see in the pond. As for the semicolon, that little used correctly punctuation, I really don't think I did a good job today. Any comments? Have a good day.

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  1. Don't you love the way you can wander... and wonder on the net?