Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Haunted House

A blog I read every day, "At Home with the Farmer's Wife", reminded me of something from my childhood when she wrote this. I had a cousin who did not live in the same village I did, but south of town in the "country". I remember one summer day, there was quite a group of us walking through fields to get to what was known as "the haunted house."

This, at one time, had been a beautiful Victorian farm house. I even remember a turret, but possibly that was my romantic imagination. The story was, a single farmer with quite a bit of money was wooing a single gal living nearby with her family. She did not seem too interested in him, but he could not get her out of his head. So, he built this beautiful home, furnished it and I remember even seeing an upright piano in the parlor. After she refused him for the final time, he simply disappeared. Without even locking the door, he left the area never to be seen again.

I did see the house and I also remember, for some reason, our parents did not want to talk too much about the details of the romance. I do remember being told to stay out of there. As time went on, the house deteriorated and was finally torn down. I would love to wander through this house right now. Wouldn't you?

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