Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Good Day

I had a very long but good day. It started off a little rocky though. I was driving downtown to the conference center when I was double hit. I was driving next to a very large lake when, splat, splat, two hits on the windshields by large birds flying overhead. Scared me to death. I didn't even see the birds until they passed and believe me they passed a lot. Right in the drivers view of the windshield. Anyway, I got to the center with no problem and then the day was great.

This is the second year that our medical clinic has put on an all day seminar for women only. There are 5 sessions in the day, 3 subjects and speakers at each session so you pick and choose where you want to go. I learned so much today from a hospitalist (end of life decisions), an oncologist speaking about lung cancer in women, an orthopedic surgeon talking about knee and hip replacements, a gastroenterologist spoke of acid reflux and a fantastic cardiologist talking about women and heart disease. I learned a lot from all of these seminars, but the one thing that really shook my noodle was that it has now been discovered that no matter how well you eat, you need 90 minutes of cardiac exercise a day to lose weight. WOW! I am retired, but that is still quite time consuming.

It is so great to meet these doctors, ask questions and get to know their personalities and in return it makes it a lot easier if these doctors are needed in the future. I know just exactly whom I want to choose as a doctor. So, even though the bird of paradise dumped on me good today (at least I was in the car) it was a very informative day.

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  1. Dave K.5:22 PM

    Susan, I know exactly what you mean. Whether it was implicitly or explicitly the message from my parents and grandmother was loud and clear: Be self-sufficient. Be self-reliant and independent. It is a sign of weakness to ask for halp. To this day, as a senior, I find it very difficult to ask for help. To the day my mom passed away she rarely asked for help despite failing health. I really think that self-sufficiency and self-reliance overall are good traits. Perhaps we wouldn't have all the societal problems if parents would install these traits in their children.