Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I love receiving mail, be it e-mail or USPS mail. Today, I received a DVD in the mail from my childhood friend and graduating classmate, Dave. He had gone to the trouble of making an absolutely beautiful DVD of our August class reunion. He included the fantastic music of 1963 along with photos of the past, even kindergarten photo, and photos of that fantastic reunion. Now that is what I call a true friend. Since we were 5 we were friends and through the years have kept in touch once in a while. Since this reunion, we are in touch more often, because we realize that time is passing quickly and friendship is more important than a lot of material things.

To Dave, I say a special thank you.l You are part of my extended family and you have just given me a wonderful remembrance of time gone by. It will now be remembered by my children and grandchildren. Won't they get a Hoot out of it?!!!


  1. Dave K2:04 PM

    Susan, thank you for your kind words! I'll never forget how kind and helpful you were to me when we were in kindergarten and I was a very shy five year old! I am looking forward to the next class reunion and the wonderful camaraderie we all still share.

  2. The blogworld is a wonderful place for friendships to bloom.