Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The snowbirds are coming back. That is what they call us retired people who spend summers somewhere else and always come back to Florida for the winters where we are guaranteed warmer weather. We've been back since October, but some hold out until after the holidays. Friends that just arrived this weekend said the traffic throughout Georgia was very heavy heading south.

We live in Florida 8-9 months a year and then usually travel abroad in May and spend time in Montana in the summer. We have spent as much as 4 months out West in past years.

I started thinking about how many cities and towns we have lived in and the number comes to 9. In each of these places you meet people, make dear friends, need to find doctors, dentists, barbers.... oh yes, did I tell you the story of looking for someone to cut my hair and I find a blind barber. Well, he was legally blind, with some? eyesight, but my hair has never been easy to work with so I figured I had nothing to lose. Talk about pressure! And then he wanted to do some coloring. No charge, he said? Hey, I'm a push over. The only stress was that my class reunion was in a week and I would be checked out and noticed. Long story short, it worked out okay. The haircut certainly wasn't the best and the color was something I do not normally do. Yes, the blind barber, and I found him!!

I got off track there, but was just itching to get that blind barber story in. The year is coming to an end and it is time to make another list of things to do better in 2009. Let's see what I come up with.


  1. What a wonderful story!

  2. Erika7:36 AM

    What are you planning to do better? Tell Dad I have a schedule set to study and take my tests so I can get it done. Have to be a little selfish in 2009 and get some things accomplished. I am turning 40 you know. Love ya, E

  3. OMG!! I read about the blind barber and laughed myself silly - WE HAVE A BLIND BARBER!! NO KIDDING! He has no sight in his left eye and only partial sight in his right. Of course I dont go there and neither do my boys - I cut their hair - BUT my late great uncle did and we teased him mercilessly!!! He was BALD!!! that just added fuel to the fire! In the barbers defense - he would come to the nursing home and cut hair for free...or to shut ins for free. yes, he drove himself!! Thanks for giving me a great laugh AND sparking a forgoten memory!!! BTW - We got 7 inches of snow here.... in case you missed it! LOL