Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Sandhill Cranes

Early in the morning, when Kippy and I go out for our first walk of the day, we are usually greeted by two locals who let us know that they are also waking up. They are the resident sandhill cranes. This pair has been here for years. They mate for life and usually lay one or two eggs per year. There are no babies following them this year and last year a beautiful little chick was learning how to find food from mom and dad and then one day, the chick was no longer seen. I can only imagine the alligators in the area got the chick. Possibly that is why there is no chick this year. I can only imagine the alligators got the egg. Survival of the fittest.

They make the loudest noise to let people know they are around and The Trout and I watched them one day while we were on the golf course. They were beating their beaks into the windows of a home on the golf course; just beating furiously as if saying "anyone in there have any good food?" We are told not to feed them because this behavior could really get out of hand.

They simple mosey along the roads and through the yards and usually golf balls are flying over their heads. They are in charge and will move when they are ready. It is not unusual for cars to brake until they cross the road. The sandhill cranes--it is what makes life beautiful.

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