Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Home

Our home is one of the most open houses we've ever owned. It is not cut up into little rooms and we are enjoying the freedom of the openness.

Last night while preparing dinner, The Trout decided to take a picture from the kitchen through the dining area into the living area. It makes for good room for entertaining and easy cleaning. I do have two friends who are interior decorators, so I hesitate to let them see this; but then, maybe they would have some great ideas for me!!


  1. It looks absolutley gorgeous! But all I can think about is can you keep it warm....
    Shows where my mind is. Lovely poinsettia also. We don't have them here and I miss them... Maybe I'll pick one up in Spain
    Happy holidays!

  2. How beautiful. Love your tablecloth.

  3. Lena-just read about the cold weather you are having. You sure you want to look at my open windows? ;)

  4. It looks so clean and lovely!