Monday, December 8, 2008


About 15 years ago, we moved from one town to another with my husband's job transfer. By this time, the children were out of the house so it was time to declutter. We actually rented a dumpster and started throwing things away. It felt good at the time. We still had lots to move and the new house had a lot of storage in the garage, so some boxes were put in storage there.

Forward six years, and The Trout and I retire and start our move to Florida. You know those boxes in the garage for the last 6 years; well, they had not been opened. So, in a very brave move I said "If I don't know what's in them and I haven't wanted to know for 6 years, toss them!" And so we did.

Now forward 10 years from that tossing of boxes and this week alone, I have been thinking about two items and wondering where they are. Sure enough, they were probably in those tossed boxes. It's not that important. I have the memory and I am sure during the next few years, more items will be remembered and I will wonder were they are. At least I have decluttered and someday my children will be thankful for that move.


  1. What were the items? E

  2. A rum mug from Tortola and a beautiful hand made bowl from an Indian woman in New Mexico. Thanks for commenting. ;)

  3. Good for you Susan. I'm just an old packrat and can't seem to break the awful habit of stashing things in the cabinets and cupboards. One of these days....

  4. angie6:07 AM

    And I was hoping for an idea for a christmas present. I don't see us going to Tortuga or New Mexico though. Any other thoughts?

    love ya,