Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Birthday and 2008 Memories

It's hard to believe, but our little baby turns 13 today. She has been a joy to us all those years. I would certainly recommend her as the White House dog as she is hypoallergenic, no shedding and just lots of in your face love. We had a beagle prior to her for 17 years so longevity comes with our household. Happy Birthday, Kippy! We rescued you from a trampy life in Winona, Minnesota all those years ago. It's a good thing!

I have also been thinking of the highlights of 2008 as this year comes to an end. At the top would definitely have to be my high school class reunion in August. Such wonderful people I grew up with since most of us started in kindergarten together. Dear friend Connie housed me for the weekend and it was so good rejuvenating our friendship. I truly have not laughed so much in many, many years.

Our trip to France in May would follow as a highlight. The Trout and I simply love France even though we still do not know the language well enough to converse, but we do know how to order our food and drink and read a menu. That is great because a second trip to Le Presidial restaurant in Sarlat was just as wonderful as the first time.

Being able to spend the summer in Montana at 7000 ft. altitude once again was such a refreshing delight. We love it there in the mountains among the trout!! Having a wonderful anniversary meal at Pearl's Cafe in Missoula, as we do every year was very memorable.

Reuniting with family and friends in Wisconsin is always fun. Spending time with our four grandchildren in Ohio and Wisconsin was a top highlight. They are growing up so quickly. Can't imagine life without grandchildren.

Lunching with my cousins in Iowa was great! We rarely get together and we had many laughs and some tears. Seeing my only and favorite brother in North Carolina was wonderful. We just have not had the chance to be together much since childhood.

Starting this blog in October has been the most fun. It keeps me sharp (lol) and always thinking. I feel it is a journal for the future. And, my goodness, have I made bloggers friends. My world is so much smaller.

And last, I would have to say a highlight of this year has been the many wonderful meals The Trout and I have cooked together. It's been a lot of fun.

I guess I have to finish with another memorable event even though it certainly was a lowlight for me. I broke my ankle slipping on a frosty step on August 20 in Montana. The very next day I flew to my class reunion. It was painful and difficult but it turned out to be such a wonderful weekend.

I am thankful to each and everyone of you who read my blog. I feel I am sharing my life with friends that I can't be with everyday. I love that. Thanks and keeping visiting.


  1. Ditto from your hubby The Trout - as always you were a great partner in 2008 as we traveled, tried new recipes and new wine, and enjoyed life in general with family and friends. Thanks for your patience in Montana as I ran off each day to fish!! Lets hope 2009 will be fun times as well!

    Love ya Trout

  2. What wonderful memories. I'm curious as to how quickly you adjust to the 7000 foot altitude when you're in Montana? My brother lives at 7000 feet in New Mexico and Ole and I both have a terrible time to adjust. A friend of my brother's who is on a mountain search and rescue team suggested that we drink lots of water for about a week prior to arriving in NM. He said that helps your body make the adjustment. We have done that and it's better, but we both still have trouble. Happy New Year.

  3. What a lovely year you've had! And how wonderful you are recording highlights for your children. They rarely get to see us as we really are. Journals and diaries help bridge that divide. Much happiness to you and Trout in the coming year.

  4. Thank you, Trout. It's always fun and interesting with you!

    Lena-The Trout had trouble last year with sky high blood pressure. The MT doc say it takes 2 weeks to adjust and to just take it easy. Never really drank extra water, but it might help.Some people get altitude sickness, but we have been fortunate.

    Mary-As always thanks for your lovely comments. I consider you one of my new friends, and you are right. Rarely do our children see us as we really are.

  5. Dave K.10:03 AM

    Ah, Susan, our high school class reunion was the top highlight of 2008 for me also! What fun we had, especially at Connie's house. What wonderful memories! I love reading your blog! Happy New Year to you and yours!