Saturday, December 6, 2008


We planned tonight's dinner for quite a while. Getting just the right ingredients takes patience, especially if you are not living in France. Tonight, we has Cassoulet with Italian sausage and duck confit. It was so good and reminded us of when we ate this in France in the past. We kind of tweek the recipe to suit what we can find, but it was so good. Along with a Spanish wine, it really hit the spot.

We went to a Father and Son golf tournament today near Orlando. It was a thrill to see Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus up close. They played with their grandson and son. These are men we have followed in golf since the 50's and they are still very good at what they do and kind, sweet gentlemen. Just wish they had had time to come over for Cassoulet with us.


  1. Would have liked to join in for that nice dinner....

    Gina from Germany in Germany

  2. YOu make me hungry!!!