Friday, December 5, 2008

A Flashback

I just had flashback of junior high. Any of my old classmates out there and remembering this? I was working on a bulletin board with our 7th grade teacher. Coach was not only our teacher, but high school basketball and baseball coach. And, to a very young, innocent 13-year-old, he was a HUNK! Anyway, working on this bulletin board, I managed to staple my finger instead of the board. I saw this big hunking staple hanging out of my finger and I fainted. When I woke up, Coach was there holding me and I felt like it was a dream. Thus started my episodes of fainting.

Well, tonight, I had this flashback when I reached into the dishwasher and stabbed the palm of my hand with a knife. I have been putting my knives in the dishwasher with the blade up, because I have found that sometimes the blade slips through the holes in the basket and gets bent as the washer blade spins around. I didn't faint, but I certainly remembered as the blood started oozing.

One of the worst times for me to faint was during my husband's job interview. We were having dinner with the employer and his wife when I decided to faint. Had to be hauled off to the hospital by ambulance, EKG, the works, and found to be OK. So what did I say when I walked out of ER and faced the perspective employer and his wife? I said, "I wanted to make a lasting impression!" By the way, The Trout got the job!! Found out many years later it was a low blood sugar problem.

Thus, I am not able to give blood because it takes up to much time and it is very inconvenient. My number 1 daughter is a nurse, but number 2 daughter has trouble when they draw blood for blood work. She has fainted also. Sorry, Ang. Hope I didn't embarrass you. It must be inherited.


  1. Dave K.5:32 PM

    Susan, I DO remember the bulletin board/staple/fainting incident! I recall seeing the staple in your finger. Another classmate of ours, Kathy Z., fainted when we were in third grade. Besides fainting, it seemed that nose bleeds were another occurence among our classmates!

  2. Weren't we a mess of kids!! Can't believe we all got through it alive!!

  3. angie7:58 AM

    No problem. I am what I am. I think I wanted to be a vet until you took me on that school field trip to the hospital and they held up a bag of blood and woooops. On the floor I went. I have built up a tolerance to having my blood drawn every year now so that it doesn't even bother me but Erika will definately be the nurse of the family.