Sunday, January 4, 2009

Time to Start Knitting Again

This morning in church I had a sign that it was time to start knitting again. I have been discouraged by my talent, or lack of talent of late, and spending more time on the computer, the knitting needles have not been clicking.

A lady sitting near me in church asked if I had knit the shawl I was wearing and after church left me her phone number and name. She wants the pattern and then asked if I was aware of the group at church called "Stitches" that knits for charity. I knew of it but not much about it.

So, I have found my pattern and will get in touch with this lovely lady. Also this past week, a friend asked me to knit a felted purse for her as she liked mine so much and then there was the request for golf anklet socks...

It's time to get my confidence back and get those needles out. The shawl on the top is the one I was wearing to church today and the one on the bottom is my favorite because the pattern really challenged me. Addendum: As I was working on the blog, my new friend called and I am going to a meeting at the church, knitting for charity. It's a good thing!!


  1. Your shawls are beautiful. I'll bet you love the group. It's so nice to be with others who share your passion. My oldest daughter is a weaver.

  2. Erika7:20 AM

    Well that is a weird coincidence. Rachel grabbed two pencils yesterday and was showing me how Grandma Susie knits. She remembered how you made that little blanket for Ellie. Glad you are doing what your passion is. Sometimes you just need to take a break. Glad you helping out others as well. Love ya, E

  3. In catching up on my blog reading, I found the link to this post at the bottom of the Risotto post! Food and knitting! You are all over my favorites and I so enjoy your posts about each! Thanks so much! Tanna