Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cathy's Strawberry Cake Roll

Since last October when I saw this on Cathy's blog, I have been waiting for the Florida strawberries to ripen.

This morning as we were at the very crowded farmer's market, the strawberries were screaming my name and I knew just what to do. Cathy said the recipe was easy and it certainly was. But, I have much more than this household can ever eat, so I have a few neighbors who might be singing praises to Cathy also.

This is just the beginning of the strawberries and we live in the center of the strawberries here in Florida. I have a feeling that this Strawberry Cake Roll might be making another appearance. Thanks, Cathy!


  1. Susan, this looks beautiful. We have another 5 months before we get good local berries. I'm a bit envious. Mary

  2. Fresh strawberries already! Lucky you.
    Iceroses are the only thing growing here.....

  3. Your strawberry roll looks wonderful, Susan. It will be many months before we have strawberries again.

    Thank you so much for the link. I'm happy you enjoyed the cake.

  4. Susan, so nice to meet you. Oh my gosh a fellow knitter and MT gal...YAY!!!! I can't believe you know all about P-Burg and George Town Lake fun. Well if you were in town this past summer, I was working in two different shops, the "Moose Mercantile", and the "Wild Rose Design Co.", only two doors up from the Philipsburg Cafe'. Maybe we met???? I'm so glad you found me.

    Thank you so much for your visit and encouraging words...I just LOVE to knit. Once we are settled in Philipsburg and our house is finished, I would really like to start a knitting group there...we'll see how God works all of this out. :)