Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pie and other things

Whoa, might be a while before I let The Trout get on my blog again. :)

We were asked if we would be interested in volunteering at a pie contest in April sponsored by Crisco. We would have the job of serving, crowd control (ha) and other small jobs and for this we get a tee shirt and entrance to the pie buffet. Can you imagine the temptation? I am still thinking about this because it sounds like a month's worth of dieting to make up for this volunteering.

And then, there has been a disappointment with our hooking up with Skype. We did this to have more fun contacting the grandchildren and old friends, but The Trout was a little surprised when he was greeted by a bikini clad woman on line. Yes, he declined that friendship, but I am wondering just how all this technology works and how she got into our Skype. Why does someone always spoil the fun ?

The weather has taken a complete turn around here. Our terrible frost last week has now turned into 80 degrees and we are wondering if we can get by without the air conditioner. Florida can be unpredictable this time of year.

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  1. I hope Trout had a great birthday! 65 is one of the special ones. I envy you the chance to participate in the pie contest.