Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Surprise Package

A great surprise arrived today. My cousin (her uncle and my aunt were married) sent me a German Bible that had belonged to my aunt Louise. Unfortunately, the Bible does not have a printing date, but my aunt was born in 1910, so I am guessing that the Bible was from the early 1900's.
There are several surprises in the Bible. A funeral card or two reminding me of when family or friends died many years ago. I also have my father's German Bible. Aunt Louise was his sister, but my father had an older Bible printed in Germany and dated 1843.
I feel so fortunate to have these beautiful leather bound books that are so very old. It makes family connections so much more important


  1. What a treasure for you, Susan! Your ties to family are like taproots.

  2. Mom, Great stuff. It is also good to know that the true treasure is inside the book as well. :)

  3. I had a flashback in church last Sunday. Pastor James relayed a story about remembering how his Grandfather always read the bible in the morning. Can you confirm that Opa did this as well, and I would remember seeing him sitting in the kitchen in his "spot" reading? E

  4. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Those books are so much a part of our history.The bookmarks are priceless, especially the ones that slowly curl in your hand. I have my father's Psalter Spiel and Heilige Schrift setting on the commode here at home. Do you have the pic of you, Marian & me in our garb sitting on the church bench? No one could begleid (harmonize) like Theo, it was beautiful. cb