Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Amazing Computers

The miracle of technology sometimes leaves me in awe. After all, I remember seeing my first television at age 5, and we had to travel to visit someone in the city to see it. My brother and I also got our pictures in that city's newspaper with a title something like, "Wide-eyed children see television for the first time."

Well, yesterday we advanced again. We have had a computer for about 16 years. I remember at the time telling my daughter we really would never need such a piece of technology in our home. Ha Ha. So now, we have added a Webcam and can talk and see the grandchildren through Skype. How great is that? It is especially wonderful for us because we are far away from the grandchildren and just a few phone calls to them doesn't make it right. Our Bichon, Kippy, even got in on the act and said hi to Rachel yesterday.

I can only imagine what will be available to our grandchildren and great grandchildren in the future.


  1. We finally have our first grandchild - 1000s of miles away BUT our son hooked up a web cam over the crib and a web site so we can check in and see baby when he's in the crib. Technology is indeed incredible.
    Love your pepper grinder.

  2. I am the aunt of two small children in Iceland. I love to meet them on Skype :-)

  3. Steve from AZ1:14 PM

    Congrats! Now you really are going to have fun! Can you imagine if the class of '63 members started laughing on Skype too! I might even have to hook up the webcam so you and Dave can chat! HAHA!

  4. Steve, I wish I had thought of that!!!! Let the fun begin!!