Monday, January 26, 2009

Thankful I made it to 65!!!!!!

Yes today was a very good day being the center of attention of this wonderful blog!! AND I had a pretty good day on the golf course with 2 of my favorite "peckerheads" Jerry and Tom, 2exMichigan football players from the late 50's - jokes all around and cheers for good shots and silence for muffed shots which exceeded the good shots probably!! I couldn't convince these cheapo to buy me a birthday MARTINI but I did get to share a pitcher of beer with these dandies!! then home to Honey and Kippy for a nice Tini and meal - thank you all!! TROUT the STUDMUFFIN!!!

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  1. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Dale: Glad you had a fun birthday. May the rest of the year bring the same. Ask your ex-MI football player friends if either went to the IA/MI foot ball game last fall.An x-MI ftball player sat next to me in north stands of Kinnick and said he couldn't believe he spent $100 on tickets. MI lost. He was good natured, very funny but we didn't get his name.