Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stained glass

Today in church, I thought about all the stained glass windows we have seen in our European travels. The church we attend does not have these elaborate windows and I do miss them. Since I keep a daily dairy while we travel, I could probably figure out how many churches and cathedrals we have walked through. The number would be very large. Castles and churches--they always draw our attention.
Our love for stained glass has been a long time coming. Back 30 some years ago, we came into possession of two pieces of Italian stained glass. They were always in a heavy box, taped shut and literally not seen for years. They traveled to every house and every city we moved to.
Two years ago when we bought our home in Florida, these pieces of stained glass came back to mind because now we would have a place to hang them. We found an old friend who does beautiful stained glass work as a profession and she re-leaded what needed re-leading, perfectly replaced a couple of broken pieces of glass and then directed us to a man who would frame these two heavy pieces in cherry wood for us.
We have hung them in two windows on our south wall and I love how the sunlight shines through and brings rainbows into the living room carpet and furniture. Perhaps, someday, I'll find some stained glass to hang in the center window. Perhaps...

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