Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Woke up this morning with memories of a Montana morning this past summer; August 31. We had snow up the mountains and it was beautiful, but cold. I have always loved seeing the first snow.

But, we are in Florida and this is the second morning we woke up to temperatures in the upper 30's. Yes, there is no snow, but it is still cold for this tropical paradise. Luckily the sun always shines, so it will just take a few hours for the rooms to warm up.

Last winter, our one cold week, which seems to happen every year, was the first week of January and we even had frost that killed some of our plants. The good thing is this will pass quickly and Florida is really one of the great places to spend a winter.


  1. Winter has arrived here. My husband has been out skiing today.

    I am working on tomorrow's blog post which will be a praise for the season.

  2. That is the only way for me to enjoy winter--cross country skiing.