Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The City of Swans

I live in the City of Swans. Swans have always been important to Lakeland. Since 1923 they have been found on one of the lakes, but the original swans died falling prey to people, dogs or alligators.
In 1954, a local lady wrote to Queen Elizabeth asking to purchase a pair of English mute swans from the royal flock of the Thames River. The Queen wrote back and she was willing to donate a pair if the city would pay for the shipping to America. Money was raised and the pair of swans was released into Lake Morton in February, 1957. Since then, they have multiplied many times.
What's interesting is that a local veterinarian has a yearly roundup and will inoculate the swans and plant microchips.
The city has lots of fiberglass swans around too. Businesses purchase these swans and have them painted and set in the front of their offices. It makes this city pretty special and actually very beautiful.


  1. I saw a black swan in India. It was so beautiful.
    I had heard of their excistence, but never seen one before I came there.

  2. Susan - I find no way to contact you other than through your blog. Please email me at lenaswenson@gmail.com and I'll give you the info for my private blog.

  3. Hi Susan. I love swans too. Trumpeter swans used to winter on a small lake near where I was raised up (in SW Canada). I like those fibreglass swans. The city I live in now (NW Canada) has done fibreglass bears ... very fitting as wild bears and moose are everywhere up here. I just heard we are going to have fibreglass eagles next.