Sunday, November 30, 2008

Got 'em

Don't need to say much today. Yes, I thoroughly cleaned out the pantry. Woke up several times during the night hoping the ants had left. Come morning, no such luck. Must have been a new breed. Not having a hard frost down here, the critters build an immunity and I don't like it..

So, went to church early to compose myself and came home, emptied everything out, clean every can, jar, etc., and then bombed the h---- out of the pantry. Ah yes, after a disinfecting wash and reinstalling all the goodies, I am back to normal. Keeping windows and doors open this time of year tends to let just about everything in.

We lived on the east coast of Florida for 5 years right after retirement. We had triple sliding doors to the screened pool area and I was always chasing geckos out with a handy broom left by the door. For some reason, they didn't seem so invasive.

Nevertheless, we are back to normal and now that a horrific thunderstorm is passing through, I am just going to settle down and do some knitting. Sounds good to me!!

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  1. Thank God the frost up here has killed off most of the 'krepin kritters' LOL - Thanks for the comments from you and the trout! What a wonderful surprise it was to read those - the Milk Man was wondering when you lived in Eau Claire and when you moved to Florida. Then of course as most Midwestern Farmers he asked 'So what did he do for a liveing' :) Its never a job, its a living!!! LOL