Saturday, November 22, 2008

It was good!

Tonight the Trout was in control of dinner. He combined several recipes to get just what we wanted and he did good!! The Clams and Spaghetti emerged into clams, mussels and spaghetti and an Italian sausage sauteed with green onions, garlic (lots), white wine, butter to thicken the sauce, parsley and lemon zest on top. I used the Barilla Plus pasta which is healthier made with whole wheat and it was delightful. We ate well and enjoyed a white wine and a demi baguette with it.
Unfortunately, most of our friends think we eat "weird", including our children, but this is what we love. Certainly, nothing either of us grew up with, but our travels have introduced us to a new cuisine that has become very dear to us.


  1. That looks DELICIOUS!!!! my mouth is so watering. I have never cooked sea food- but the Milk Man would like me to try it. I am a bit uneasy about getting sea food in Wisconsin!!! LOL I wouldnt know how to steam clams to save my soul!!!

  2. Ya, but you can render lard better than most!!!