Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm disappointed

I had a real disappointment today. During the week, I read a lot of blogs. A lot from France, a dear new friend from Norway, a lot in the USA, and have learned a lot and they have certainly enhanced my thinking. A lot of them make me downright happy. Until today..

A blog I have followed for at least two years has taken a real turn to the bad. This was (since I no longer will read it) a blog that shared her love of the country she was living in and made me more knowledgeable and it was actually fun reading this blog every day. Now, in the last few weeks, she has gotten out of control with sarcasm, language, and sick humor. I am sorry, but I have lived too long to have to read something like that because there are so many lovely people in blog world who really make my life more enjoyable. There is a beauty of living in a free world so that you can read whatever you want. Let's all try to make this world a little better with our words.