Friday, November 14, 2008

Grits for breakfast

Over 40 years ago, on our honeymoon in Florida, I tasted my first grits. Be it fortunate or not, I have taste buds and have never found a food I do not like. I remembered the grits for many years, but living in the Midwest for many years, this is not a staple on the dinner tables or in our grocery stores.

Now that we live in Florida most of the year, that craving for grits is back. In restaurants down here, it is often found on breakfast menus in place of hash brown potatoes. The Trout is not that crazy about grits, but this morning I woke up with that craving for a hot bowl of grits with a touch of melted butter, a nice change from oatmeal. Grits are made from hominy which is corn without the germ. The colonists learned from the Indians how to prepare grits. They would soak the corn in lye until it was ready to cook. Thanks to modern inventions, there is a more sensible way to do this now. Reminds me of the Norwegians soaking codfish in lye to make lutefisk.

Anyway, I enjoyed my grits this morning and it might be a long time until I eat them again, but it tasted good this morning.


  1. I've never heard about grits.
    Lovely blue willow plate:-)

  2. The first time I ever tasted grits was when we lived in Florida, too. Jacksonville area. Can't say I developed a taste for them though. I think it's more the consistency than the flavor.