Monday, January 4, 2010

Photographs bring memories

The year has started out with some serious purging. The Trout has gotten into old slides or transparencies from years gone by. There are literally way over 1000 photos in those little cardboard frames in boxes in our closet. At least they are all in one place. We have not looked at them in many, many years. "Oh, look," was heard often as each one was checked. Then the work began. Which do we toss and which do we have made into a DVD to preserve. Fortunately, I used to be quite organized and each one has subject matter, place, written on the cardboard edge. The cardboard also contains the year which is very helpful.

We lived in Germany for one year when the Trout was drafted into the Army in 1968-69. We traveled extensively and took many, many photos. Right now, the important ones to me are the pictures of us, so young, and even a photo or two of this young woman pregnant with her first child. Oh my, so long ago.

And then there are the pictures of our little babies and the beagle that lived with us for 17 years. Could that time have passed so quickly. The photos of the homes we lived in, even a glimpse of the cars we have owned.

I remember when digital cameras first became popular. We were very hesitant at first, thinking they can't be as good. Now, we have several 'old' cameras at home and not quite sure what to do with them. No one wants to buy these retired cameras, and I do not have the heart to throw them away. If anyone has any good suggestions, I would love to hear them.

And then I have the project I have put off for several years. I have collected old photographs of the Trout's ancestors and mine and our early life as a married couple and want to put all these photos onto a disc and then make a photo book for the daughters. We have used Shutterfly many times to put our vacation photos into book form. They do beautiful work and are very reasonable. It is something that needs to be done this year.


  1. It's just plain painful to part with any old family photos. I've made a very large photo grouping in my hall of family photos that go back over 100 years. They should be preserved in book form. Thanks for the suggestion, Susan.

  2. Good luck going through all those photos. It's a bitter sweet process.

  3. You are a step ahead of Bob and I. We have agreed its time to let most of the slides go. We have to find a place to rent a machine and then take one last walk through our yesterdays and save a few for our children.

  4. Well it sure sounds like you two are keeping busy over there. Those amazing meals you've been having. Have you guys seen "Julia Julia"? You would both love much great cooking, and funny!

    Man did we ever purge when we sold the house in CA back in 2006. Now all our treasures are just sitting in boxes in MT just waiting for the day they can be set free! LOL

  5. Several years ago I divided the photos of each of my three kids, put them in albums and gave them each the album for Christmas. And this year, I gave my granddaughter hers.
    Still, when the kids come, they always look over the photo albums I have left, the 3D slides my mother took along with old 78 albums I have stacked in a closet. (!)
    Happy New Year Susan!

  6. I have tons of photos all over the place and on every computer in the house. I really need to do this!