Monday, January 11, 2010

I am looking for one of these

I have mentioned before that I have a real desire to find an old Victorian style door knocker. When we were in New England this past spring, I missed getting one by one day. They had just sold the only one they had. So, the quest goes on.

This one pictured was photographed in France several years ago. At that time, I just admired them. Now, that I am not in France, I need one badly. Hopefully that situation can be satisfied this year when we travel to France. It has to be a lady's hand and very unique. Sometimes you find them holding an apple. Most often the hand has a ring. I have searched antique websites without luck.

What am I going to do with this heavy piece of metal? First of all, I hope it will not weigh too much for the suitcase. Second, I want to make a shadow box to display this 'knocker'. I am not a collector because I don't like a lot of "things' sitting around. I have inherited quite a few Hummels, but have only purchased one myself. Wish me luck on my quest to find the perfect knocker!!
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  1. Susan. Any good hardware shop in France will stock them. Of coure it will probably be mass produced in China, but what isn't these days?

    Probably your best bet for an old one would be to check out every Brocante and Vide B=Grenier while you're here. I have seen a few around, but people tend to hang on to them - I am sure most are older than the door they are mounted on.

  2. Thank you, Simon. One of the areas we will be in is Alsace. I remember years ago when we were there, I saw many of them. Thanks for the hints.

  3. Susan, I can see why you are in search of this great looking knocker. It is awesome. I love the whimsy idea of a fest as a knocker.

    There are several websites that cater to Victorian style designs. Here is just one:

    Susan, part of the fun is the search, so enjoy the journey.

  4. Good luck with your search, Susan. A blogger somewhere should be able to help you find what you are looking for. In the meantime, I'm off to check out the site George mentioned. Maybe I'll find something I can't live without.

  5. Good Morning!!!

    I love that knocker! I'm picturing it on our door! ;-) Possibly in brass or Oak. PERFECT!

    I hope you find the on you want. If I find one for ourselves, I'll let you know where. :-)

    ~ Susan

  6. Good luck in your quest, Susan. I love the photo and can see why you'd like to have a similar door knocker.

  7. I found 2 on ebay. That's the easy way out, the search is half the fun.

  8. I'm always enamoured with those type of door knockers too. I don't think I've ever seen one for sale, come to think of it, but they must be around at brocantes.