Saturday, January 30, 2010

The color of the day is orange!

Growing up in Iowa, I remember an orchard of apple trees in our backyard. There were also a couple of peach trees and one or two pear, if I remember correctly. I do remember that when fall arrived, the work started with picking apples, and for the younger generation, gathering them off the ground in order for dad to be able to mow the grass underneath.

Because we lived in an historic area, there were always a lot of tourists coming through town. I recall how I would haul a bushel or two of apples to the front road and sit and sell apples to whomever wanted to buy. I usually got rid of all of them quickly.

But, as you can see, the photos above are not apples, but oranges. They are on a neighbor's tree. Despite the cold we had earlier in the month, these oranges survived beautifully. Lots of grapefruit are also bulging on the tree branches. It still seems odd to me to see bright orange instead of bright red on trees. But, I can get used to it.


  1. What a change to be able to grow citrus fruit.
    The salmon burgers look good enought to eat!

  2. Great news about the citrus crop!

  3. My uncle used to go to FL every winter and bring us all each and orange back, which was ALOT of oranges for Grma had 10 kids. A real orange was such a treat in the middle of MN in the middle of winter. We live in apple country, fall brings trips to the local orchards.