Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ice in Florida

I saw my neighbor's water feature yesterday, but it wasn't until this morning that I decided to take a picture of the ice. Tonight will be our third night of frost and that is not good. One of the largest tropical fish raising businesses is located right here. They have had significant fish kill. The tanks are tented with plastic, but the problem starts when the weather warms up and the fish develop diseases.

It is not known yet how much damage there has been to the citrus and strawberries, but you can be sure you will feel it in the marketplace soon.

Give us two weeks and things should be back to normal in Florida. Until then, stay home and stay warm. Even blogger friends in London and France are saying it is one of the coldest winters in 30 years. At least we have totally blue skies and sunshine. The Trout is even going golfing later this morning.


  1. Stay warm! These freak winter cold fronts cause so much damage. The grower's in our area call them the "arctic express". We don't get a lot of freezing weather in Oregon and it's devastating when it comes. I hope this years Florida crop will survive.

  2. Oh I do hope it warms up soon there. We wouldn't want to lose the citrus. Thanks for visiting me today at Delights of the Heart.

  3. 7 below in Philipsburg this morning with full sun! Wow!!

    We've been watching your weather too, burrr for Florida, stay warm. I just want to see sun over here, the temps don't bother us at all, just the gloomy overcast, yuck!

    This too shall pass, right? Hello to the Trout, Pat's waving!!!

  4. Can I come and visit you this weekend? hehehe

    There is going to be lots of snow this weekend in northern Germany. We were planning to visit family in Rügen but ended cancelling due to the weather. We'll take down our xmas tree instead and keep warm with Glühwein. :-)

    Happy New Year to you and the Trout!

  5. Susan, you know what they say about Florida weather ~ "Wait awhile and it will be sunny & warm." But boy, mentally, it is not suppose to be below freezing down there, so stay warm and cover-up your flowers.

    Hope you & The Trout had a wonderful Christmas and the New Year brings you health, happiness and heat. Take care...