Saturday, January 16, 2010

A few early Saturday thoughts

Several things to mention this morning. First of all, and foremost in our minds, the Trout and I have been very good and on the South Beach Diet for the last 13 days. It is a very healthy way to eat. We just eliminate breads, rice, pasta, and potatoes and high glycemic vegetables and all fruits for two weeks. It actually diminishes all cravings for something sweet.

We are both feeling so much better after all the holiday eating. Trout is down 11 pounds and I am down 7. I need to really lose 13 more to be happy and healthy. One more day and we can add oatmeal and strawberries and other fruits. I truly believe the trick to keep losing is walking twice a day. And after we reach each our goals, portion control will be the most important thing to keep it off. And then we will be off to France to over-indulge again. (smile)

One of our car door openers started getting rather sluggish, and not opening the door as it should. (Could be that I found it in the bottom of the washer?) Who did that? The battery number was listed on the back of the opener so I went to Walgreen's and picked up a $4 battery. Simple enough. But, then, how do you get this gadget open? I googled "replace car door opener battery" and to my surprise, there were actually photos on how to do this. The Internet is truly amazing. So, battery was quickly replaced and is working again.

Have you heard of Life Line Screening? It is a mobile unit that comes around and tests you for 1) stroke/carotid artery screening, 2) heart rhythm screening, 3) abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, 4) peripheral arterial disease screening and 5) osteoporosis screening. All of this will cost me $139. Amazing. Each test performed by a doctor would cost so much more, and, a doctor would not order these tests unless there already was a problem.

This unit will be in our retirement community clubhouse on Monday. I am signed up for all the tests. The Trout did this a couple of years ago and passed with flying colors. Results are mailed to you 3 weeks later and these can then be given to your doctor to put into your records. If a problem is found, and quite often they do find something like an abdominal aneurysm, they tell you immediately and send you to your doctor. This is a most wonderful gift for our seniors and if you are interested in more information, check out

It seems winter is over in Florida. We again have normal temperatures and are getting anxious to plant some seeds in the garden. All of our hibiscus died, but we are advised to wait until February 14 before pruning. They will come back, from the bottom up, but they will. The Trout planted some cucumbers, radishes and actually, our tomato plant survived the frost.

Today in our newspaper there is some good news my grandsons might enjoy. Cypress Gardens, a Florida attraction for years, has been sold to Legoland. No details yet, but it sounds like a Legoland will be built very near us. How cool is that?

Enjoy your weekend, and laugh a little. It is so good for you.

And an addendum to my last posting. We have just made another jar of kimchi. This time we used bok choy and added radishes to it. I also made it about twice as hot by adding more red pepper. It is very good and healthy.


  1. Dave K.6:58 AM

    Susan, that is great that you guys are losing weight on your diet! By all means, walking is really one of the tricks to losing weight! Keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I did the Line Line screening last summer. I was impressed with the results. My doctor was pleased that I did it and he scanned the results into his computer so it is a part of my medical records now. I am impressed that you have lost so much weight so quickly. I gained way too much weight in December--too many parties! I think it helps that you are both on the same regimen. I have too many people tempting me with too many goodies. rw

  3. Susan, congratulations to you and the Trout for following and plan and sticking to it. We've done the SB diet before and need to do it again. Your weight loss is inspirational. I agree with the walking too. We enjoy the gym and the machines in addition to walking. Keep up the good work.

  4. Getting in a good walk every day is so good for us in so many ways. That alone is great preparation for going to France. I about walked my legs off in Paris. Oh, the pain.

  5. Susan, you & The Trout should definitely be pleased. It is so hard to stay on any diet & exercise plan.

    There is another thing about the Internet ~ being introduced to individuals like you. If for no other reason than to share ideas & stories about our interest & successes.

    Glad to hear about your weather and the news about Lego. All will attached those 'snowbirds' to Florida; thus strengthening the local economy. Have a great weekend...

  6. Anonymous10:14 AM

    mazeltov on the poundage loss... like most of all your sentence about enjoy the weekend and laugh a little... need the reminder every now and then again

    blessings all

  7. Susan, you and Mr. Trout are to be commended! That is so wonderful to hear you are doing so well on your new eating & exercise plan. Keep it up (and with a reward like a trip to France in the near furture that shouldn't be difficult!)

    Good for you for spreading the word about Lifeline screening. It's a marvelous program and one I'm familiar with as I used to take my dad for the battery of tests, it's so convenient... I think it's now our turn to look into it for ourselves. Time flies!

    xo ~m

    PS. I'm right there with you about the computer being such an amazing source of "how to" information! Incredible, isn't it?!

  8. Congratulations to you both on your weight loss. You'll look wonderful for the France trip.

  9. Gloria12:01 PM

    Loved the "potpourri" blog--I am a big South Beach fan also. I did it several years ago and have definitely kept some of the plan part of my lifestyle change. I credit the SB diet for changing my weight setpoint actually--and that is a good thing. I did Lifeline once also (a great thing to do), think the Internet is amazing, and want to wish you a wonderful day! Thanks for the laugh reminder :-)

  10. Nice investigative work on the car door opener battery. DIY stuff is so empowering.

  11. Eating Korean on Thursday - I'll pass kimtchi, too hot!
    I am so glad to find the time again to spend time blogging!

  12. Congrats on the weight loss. I am so envious of your trip to France. We are planning to go to Provence one of these years. We lost our hibiscus too.

  13. Susan,

    Congratulations on taking proactive steps for your health in the New Year. It sounds like you and The Trout are off to a great start.

    Thank you for your kind words about Life Line Screening’s services. We work very hard to provide an affordable screening option for individuals so that previously undetected diseases can be discovered. Here is a link to our screening services page:

    Third, best of luck on your screening! Please feel free to contact us ( and let us know how everything went!

  14. WOW! 7 lb .. I have been struggling to loose 5 lb!!