Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's that barking about

A lot of barking going on this morning. Unless company comes to the house, Kippy is very quiet. She loves having the front door open so she can look through the glass storm door and see everything that goes by. This morning was she was so upset, I had to go and check it out.

A large turtle was cruising on the road and then made its way into our yard, heading to the pond behind our house. I have been searching to identify this turtle for some time and I am just not sure what it is. It has this hog-nosed head and that is what I have been calling it. We usually have several in the water or sunning on the shore, but I have never gotten this close to one. I understand some turtles are very aggressive, so I was very cautious.

Kippy watched from inside where she was safe, but you know she really wanted to be right there and in its face. When Kippy was a year old, during the snowy winter, a rabbit made made its way into a fenced back yard where we let Kippy out to play and do her jobs. We saw the rabbit there and Kippy wanted out very badly. We let her out, she pounced onto the rabbit and the rabbit lay there dead. It looked like she scared the rabbit to death as there was no blood or damage. She is also usually very gentle with small dogs, but large dogs, she thinks she can conquer them and gets this crazy female attitude like "I'm so much greater than you are!"


  1. That is the oddest turtle I have ever seen. I'll bet Kippy would love to have pounced on him too. She looks so cute with her bows on her head.

  2. We love those Bichons, don't we?

  3. I'm pretty sure that is a snapping turtle. They are mean and nasty! Best to leave it alone, it can take off a finger with that beak!