Saturday, June 6, 2009

Opa! Burgers, all around

We had our favorite burger of late last evening. It is the second time we tried it and it is very different and very tasty. We saw this burger win on the Food network contest, maybe 2 years ago. It is made from lamb, not beef, therefore won in the Alternative Burger category.

Opa! Burger was submitted by Elizabeth Bennett, from Mill Creek, Washington, and I give her credit for this recipe. Tonight, because we did not have have fresh spinach on hand, I substituted spring green lettuce. We also substituted sauteed fresh mushrooms instead of soaking the dried porcini in the Shiraz.

This is the recipe from the Food Network.

If you like lamb, this is definitely a burger you will want to try. And I did not need mint jelly, either!!

The wine we had with it was from Spain, it is a modernistic labeled wine made from garnacha old vines, named Style, vintage 2007.

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  1. These burgers sound fantastic and are something I will definitely try. I have some ground lamb in the freezer and all the other ingredients in the fridge, so I'm set.